Life keeps going...and going...and going...

Ok, so where the hey have I been, you ask? Mostly just being busy out of my friggen mind. That's where. My last post was March 2. It is now April 22 (duh). You know how usually time seems to go by really fast? Well, Spring Break was only a little over a month ago, but it seems like it's been 89 kajillion years since I was in Colorado, soaking it up in a jacuzzi without a care in the world. It's been meeting after meeting after conference call after luncheon after gosh darn meeting at work lately. And at home. It's been J's school stuff...Hubber's coughing...My cooking, cleaning, barking orders... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! And now, my grandma pulls her guilt trip crap about how she NEVER sees us...and that she hardly recognizes J anymore. Damnit woman, I barely have time to watch my Y&R every night and catch Survior and Friends on Thursdays...and you want me to find time to visit YOU every week?! She's nuts.

It would be nice to be one of those X-Men characters that can stop time, wouldn't it? Oh, the things I would do! How funny would it be to go around and pull everyone's pants down? Then, QUICK! Turn time back on! Hillarious! I can just imagine everyone so perplexed... why are my pants around my knees...wait a minute... why are YOUR pants around YOUR knees??? Ha! hahaha!

Speaking of booties... J has a new obsession with the word "ass." Since an ass is a donkey, then why isn't the word "grass," grdonkey? and "glass," gldonkey?" That's some funny shit, huh? My child is a genius. She'll be the next Nobel Prize winner! The next Einstein! I'll be rich! SHOW ME THE MONEY!!

Seriously, though. I've been super busy lately. I did read that book, "8-Minutes in the Morning for Real Shapes & Real Sizes." All the cheese-ball-ish pictures of Jorge were really hokey and drove me nuts half the time, but there was a pretty good message there. It's all about eating smaller portions and making sure you're getting vegetables and fruits into your diet along with essential vitamins/minerals, etc. I know, it's the same crap that's been pounded into our head since FOREVER, but Jorge just makes it seem so easy. PLUS - you only have to exercise for 8 minutes everyday. And you do it in the morning right after you wake up. EASY! Piece of friggen cake! uhm. errr... did I just say cake? I meant... sugar free jello! I start Monday. I've contimplated pigging out before then to try to get it out of my system. But, I decided against it. I'm actually trying to eat sensibly BEFORE I even start dieting! I see a whole new future for me!