Well, Hello Stranger!

Ok, so I come back to my blogger after a little hiatus and what do I find? Comments! Actual, live, real comments! You would not believe my excitement when I logged on and saw 14 COMMENTS! I was thinking --- finally! someone's actually reading this crap! I'm so popular! I'm the queen of blogger world! But. Then I read them. And people! They were not comments. They were advertisments! Did you hear me? ADVERTISEMENTS. My blogger is getting spammed! Ok, now listen here all you jerks that are leaving comments and not really reading my....my....poetry! Quit leaving me advertisements! It's rude. It does not make me want to visit your stupid sites on beauty tips and such nonsense! You are wasting your time on this here gal.

So, now I'm kinda bummed that really, no one is listening to me. No one cares about me. I'm all alone in my own blogger world. Sad.

My current life in a nutshell...

Well...let's see....my last entry was back in April. Back when our house was still new and fresh. Back when we were rich in love and cash. Back when we only had one kid to worry about. Did you catch that? ONE kid. Yep! You guessed it. I'm pregnant! 15 weeks to be exact. Did you catch the "cash" thing, too? No, I'm still working. It's hubber. He's been a house-husband since mid-September. In a way, it's been nice having him around all the time. But, we're starting to miss the moolah associated with actually having him go to work to collect a paycheck. Hey --if someone's actually reading this, you can help! Go here: www.cyfairhomeinventory.com and give his new company a little business. Or better yet - forward the site to all your friends...and all your friends' blogs...and to stranger's blogs, even. Or...I've got something better! Just send cash!

How's that for advertising?