Queer Eye

The Queer Eye for the Straight Guy – great show! Hubber can say what he wants to about it, but I know he loves it! The fab 5 making over the poor, tasteless straight guy – it’s genius, I tell ya! Why is it that gay guys are so hip and “with it?” When Hubber and I were dating, I made him stop wearing his coach’s shorts. Uhm… if you’re not a coach, on a high school football field, you have no business wearing those god awful things. Even coaches look hideous in them – but at least THEY are actual coaches, so it can be overlooked. But no man of mine is going to be struttin’ his stuff in those shorts. Nu-uh. No way Jose.
I'm playing hookie from work tomorrow. Hubber and I are going shopping - maybe this time we'll finish. I'm ready to quit buying stuff for other people and start buying stuff for myself! Ever since becoming an a adult (and a mother, to boot) I've been getting jipped (sp?) in the gift department, so I try to get myself a few nice things as compensation for other people's poor judgment. I've been good, too, damnit! Last year Hubber took me on a shopping spree. That was fun! But, now I'm skinnier than I was last year and all those shopping spree clothes are making me look ridiculously slobbish these days. The problem is - I plan to lose more weight over the next few months. So, should I shop now or wait it out until I'm closer to my goal weight? Ugh. Maybe a few things now, and a whole LOT of stuff later! I can't wait until I'm skinny!!

I would like to shop for all my co-workers on this site: www.despair.com. The MISTAKES sticky pad says, "It could be that the purpose of your life is only to serve as a warning to others." And the CLUELESS one says, "There are no stupid questions but there are a LOT of inquisitive idiots.” The sad part is that the clueless people won't GET it. Oh wait, here's another fave...the PROCRASTINATION one says, "Hard work often pays off after time, but laziness always pays off now." That's why I'm blogging at work.

There's something for everyone on this site!

I can spend days in bookstores with my nose in book after book after book! I love those places. Bookstores are where all my ideas surface - where all my plans to change parts of my life, to make resolutions come to pass. For a few brief hours, I'm lost in a world of culture, history, comedy and fiction. I love it! If I win the lotto, I think I'll buy a bookstore.

We went to Barnes & Noble last weekend. For the first few minutes, Hubber, J and I all browsed together. Then he followed her to the children's section. I promised to meet up with them shortly. Well, I never did. Over in the children's section, Hubber kept trying to pull J away and drag her back over to where I was. But she was adamant on staying because "Mommy said she'd meet us here!" "Mommy's not coming!" he finally told her. He was right. I had no intention of making my way to the kiddie section. None at all. I hadn't even realized an hour had passed when they found me. I could spend forever in that place.
Our Home for the Holidays

Our house now closely resembles my image of what Santa's Workshop should look like. Or some might say that it looks like Santa puked all over our house! We've got crap all over the place! Lights, wreaths and garland outside - along with those "balls of light" or whatever they're called. Inside, we've got cookie jars, candy bowls and candles galore, a winter village scene, a snowman family, a moose family, animated snoopy, animated mr./ms. claus, and more garland wreaths and lights! Not to mention our big, fat Christmas tree. Hey, you only live once, right?! We looove Christmas time - and it's plainly obvious once you step through the front door. It's the closest you can get to being obnoxious without actually BEING obnoxious.

We're cute, we're fun, we're one cool family, damnit!
Apparently, in the movie Spaceship Troopers, Hubber says there's a co-ed locker room to go along with the co-ed sports. Ok, so that's a weird thing to come up out of the blue in a conversation, right. Well, first we were talking about the "tellerporter" from the Washington Mutual commercials - you know the one where they beam tellers to wherever you are? Anyway - Hubber thinks there would be many very functional uses for such a object. He said he'd use it to tellerport into a bank vault, swipe some money, then tellerport his ass out of there...or he'd use it to tellerport himself into the grocery store, fill up his basket, then tellerport himself and his grocery basket outta there. I said I'd use it to tellerport myself into the Houston Texans locker room at the exact moment all the guys were buck naked, walking out of the shower...I'd grab a few handfuls of those big ol' booties, then tellerport out of there. Somehow, the conversation turned to co-ed locker rooms - because, I guess Hubber figured he'd like to grab some booties, too (of the female persuasion, of course). I happen to think co-ed locker rooms wouldn't be a problem for women - men, however would be too distracted to concentrate on their jobs. Men just can't handle a bunch of naked women. I don't believe they have the ability to disassociate naked-ness with sex.

Hubber and I came to the same conclusion... Starship Troopers is a fake ass movie.
Burdened with too much info
At work, I’m the person everyone likes to talk to. They know I’ll keep my mouth shut no matter what they tell me. Sometimes this reputation weighs pretty heavy. The only thing I can do is go home and dump it all on Hubber. He sits there and nods as if he’s taking it all in. At that point, I don’t really care if he’s even listening, I’m just happy he sits quietly and ACTS like he cares.

That stands for mother-in-law (in internet lingo). Mine is a piece of work. Damned if you do… damned if you don’t. She lives by that motto. It makes things easier for her that way, I think, when she’s being a PAIN IN EVERYONE’S ASS! (damn the old-lady-syndrome… damn it to hell!)