Our Home for the Holidays

Our house now closely resembles my image of what Santa's Workshop should look like. Or some might say that it looks like Santa puked all over our house! We've got crap all over the place! Lights, wreaths and garland outside - along with those "balls of light" or whatever they're called. Inside, we've got cookie jars, candy bowls and candles galore, a winter village scene, a snowman family, a moose family, animated snoopy, animated mr./ms. claus, and more garland wreaths and lights! Not to mention our big, fat Christmas tree. Hey, you only live once, right?! We looove Christmas time - and it's plainly obvious once you step through the front door. It's the closest you can get to being obnoxious without actually BEING obnoxious.

We're cute, we're fun, we're one cool family, damnit!