I'm playing hookie from work tomorrow. Hubber and I are going shopping - maybe this time we'll finish. I'm ready to quit buying stuff for other people and start buying stuff for myself! Ever since becoming an a adult (and a mother, to boot) I've been getting jipped (sp?) in the gift department, so I try to get myself a few nice things as compensation for other people's poor judgment. I've been good, too, damnit! Last year Hubber took me on a shopping spree. That was fun! But, now I'm skinnier than I was last year and all those shopping spree clothes are making me look ridiculously slobbish these days. The problem is - I plan to lose more weight over the next few months. So, should I shop now or wait it out until I'm closer to my goal weight? Ugh. Maybe a few things now, and a whole LOT of stuff later! I can't wait until I'm skinny!!