Apparently, in the movie Spaceship Troopers, Hubber says there's a co-ed locker room to go along with the co-ed sports. Ok, so that's a weird thing to come up out of the blue in a conversation, right. Well, first we were talking about the "tellerporter" from the Washington Mutual commercials - you know the one where they beam tellers to wherever you are? Anyway - Hubber thinks there would be many very functional uses for such a object. He said he'd use it to tellerport into a bank vault, swipe some money, then tellerport his ass out of there...or he'd use it to tellerport himself into the grocery store, fill up his basket, then tellerport himself and his grocery basket outta there. I said I'd use it to tellerport myself into the Houston Texans locker room at the exact moment all the guys were buck naked, walking out of the shower...I'd grab a few handfuls of those big ol' booties, then tellerport out of there. Somehow, the conversation turned to co-ed locker rooms - because, I guess Hubber figured he'd like to grab some booties, too (of the female persuasion, of course). I happen to think co-ed locker rooms wouldn't be a problem for women - men, however would be too distracted to concentrate on their jobs. Men just can't handle a bunch of naked women. I don't believe they have the ability to disassociate naked-ness with sex.

Hubber and I came to the same conclusion... Starship Troopers is a fake ass movie.