I can spend days in bookstores with my nose in book after book after book! I love those places. Bookstores are where all my ideas surface - where all my plans to change parts of my life, to make resolutions come to pass. For a few brief hours, I'm lost in a world of culture, history, comedy and fiction. I love it! If I win the lotto, I think I'll buy a bookstore.

We went to Barnes & Noble last weekend. For the first few minutes, Hubber, J and I all browsed together. Then he followed her to the children's section. I promised to meet up with them shortly. Well, I never did. Over in the children's section, Hubber kept trying to pull J away and drag her back over to where I was. But she was adamant on staying because "Mommy said she'd meet us here!" "Mommy's not coming!" he finally told her. He was right. I had no intention of making my way to the kiddie section. None at all. I hadn't even realized an hour had passed when they found me. I could spend forever in that place.