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Foul-Mouthed Bitches

We've been helping my sister and brother-in-law move all weekend.  About an hour into Day 2, the BIL stops me mid-sentence to inform me that using the words "bitch" and "fuck" as often as I do is unnecessary and completely inappropriate.  That a-hole has some nerve, y'all.  There I was, sweating my ass off helping him move his shit and he feels the need to ask me to filter what comes out of my mouth?!

Well, I'll show him! 

I listened carefully to every word that he and my lovely (and seemingly always appropriate) sister spewed out all fucking day....  and lo' and behold, it was chock full of inappropriate shit.  So, I took notes and I'm going to share THEIR inappropriateness here with the entire world.  Enjoy.

Shit that came out of Sis's mouth:
  • I would if I could, but I just can't push it out.
  • He likes to stick hard things in his mouth.
  • What is penis elbow?
  • Just shake it till it comes out.
  • Suck on this.
  • I think he was black in another life.

Shit BIL said:
  • Just the tip, I promise.
  • Quit yanking on it!
  • My belly is full of Dave.
  • Someone smells like ass.  Oh, wait... that's me.
  • My elbow is so sore.
  • Everyone's sucking on something but me.
  • He LOOKS like he owns a mini-van.

My peeps have got some nasty-ass potty mouths, don't they?!  And they wonder why the hell I'm full of "bitches" and "fucks."  It's THEIR fault!