Are they faking it?

I find myself spending too much time dealing with idiots. Yes, that's right, stupid people. People who have no common sense. People who can't figure anything out for themselves. Nit-wits. Ding-bats. You know the type. They drive me nuts, I tell ya. In a management meeting this morning, someone said, "Oh, don't give that to Jane to do, she'll screw it all up." Uhm, excuse me. We've given Jane every opportunity to succeed here. It's time to let her dumb ass go! Sheesh. If she can't run the mail through the damn postage machine without screwing things up, then it's time to be rid of her. I sound harsh, don't I? I guess I'm just fed up with having to overload the hard working mule because we have dead weight that won't move. Sometimes I wonder if people like Jane are just faking it. Maybe she's a friggen genius! She just acts like a dumb ass in order to get out of doing any work. How can she live with herself?!