32 days until Spring Break!

YAY us! We're going to Colorado soon. These last 32 days seem to be dragging on and on and on, though. It's like time goes slower just to piss me off. My sister-inlaw has planned a night in an Estes Park cabin - complete with sleigh rides and some other fun snow stuff I can't remember right now. I bought several new hats, scarves and sweaters! I love it that I'll actually be able to wear that stuff without looking like a complete dork. When you wear a hat and scarf in Houston during the winter, people laugh at you and talk about how ridiculous you are to think you can actually pull off a get-up like that when it's only 60 degrees out.

Beer or Chocolate

The other day we passed by a billboard advertising a "Chocolate Exhibit" at the Museum of Natural Science. I'm assuming it's supposed to be about how chocolate is made. How that falls under the realm of "natural science," I don't know, but in any case it reminded me that my sister-inlaw was planning a brewery tour for us during our trip to Colorado. Apparently there's a brewery near Denver. I'm not sure why chocolate reminded me of beer, but it did. So, after pointing out the lovely chocolate billboard to J, I told her about our upcoming tour through the brewery...and how Hubber and I were going to be able to sample beer for free! She informed me that she'd rather go to the museum in Houston where she could sample free chocolate. She's smart that way. I wonder if the museum is giving out free candy? Forget the beer - I want chocolate!