Road Trip's Almost Here...

In 9 days, 19 hours and 29 minutes I'll be strapping my seatbelt, sipping my soda, feet up on the dashboard on my way to Colorado! It's an 18 hour drive - but we're making CDs, and taking plenty of DVDs to keep us busy! There's this place called Woody's Smokehouse about 100 miles outside of Houston that has the BEST beef jerky EVER! We'll stop there, of course... there's no way I'd make it 18 hours without some jerky to suck and chew on. I can almost feel the peppers lodged between my teeth. mmmmmmm -- jerky.

Wichita Falls, TX

I remember our last road trip to Colorado. We decided it'd be cool to stop at a few landmarks on the way there and back. So, Wichita Falls was our first touristy stop going up. We were under the VERY misleading impression that there were actually FALLS in Wichita Falls. Even the map said we wouldn't be disappointed. So, we stopped in at a Tourism station in Wichita Falls, TX for instructions on how to get to the falls. We then found ourselves WALKING through a park on a 1 mile trail...because that was the scenic route, we were told. When we finally got to the "FALLS," we were horrified! It was a mold infested sewerage line spilling into what we in Houston call a DITCH! There was a plaque on the wall explaining that the Falls had dried up in 1923 or some long ago year! What the...?! All that stupid lady in the tourism station had to say was that there isn't actually a "falls" in Wichita Falls. How hard would that have been?

Roswell, NM

On the way home on that trip, we decided to take a little detour into New Mexico - specifically to check out all the alien happenings in Roswell. First of all, if you've never been to that town, you're in for a treat! Their Main street is lined with lamp posts whose light fixtures are in the shape of alien heads! Every street (I mean EVERY) has at least one "alien store" where they sell everything from alien postcards and antenna balls to baby aliens in a jar and blow-up alien dolls! And every person in that town looks like an alien. It's freaky, I tell ya! We almost expected to be abducted that night while we slept!

The museum there was kinda cool. J wasn't too thrilled to take a picture with the alien sculptures they had there... I wanted her to pose shaking one of their hands. She wouldn't do it. We also visited the "crash site." If you saw that Steven Spielberg mini-series, Taken, it was sort of like that...except we didn't see any real aliens. That we know of.