Ok, I'm back from Colorado and I've finally gotten caught up with work, so I have a little time to blog. It's been a crazy week. It was like the entire universe had it in for me. I even got paranoid a few times, thinking maybe someone had me on Candid Camera! But today is surprisingly quiet. My boss said he was going to give me a happy birthday by not talking to me about work all day. Woo Hoo! So far, he's stuck to his word...but then, he's been in meetings most of the morning anyway. Either way, it's been nice so far. Tonight my family is meeting at the Aquarium downtown for dinner. I was supposed to have a birthday lunch, too, with a few girlfriends, but we're postponing that until tomorrow. So, I'm flying solo for lunch today, it seems. Poor me. :-)

So, anyway - on to my vacation. It was really nice to be able to get away for a little bit. We didn't get snowed on while we were there, but we drove up to the mountains twice to play in the snow. The snowman we built was little, scrawny and pathetic, but he was cute. We stayed in an awesome cabin while we were in Estes Park near Rocky Mountains National Park. It's so neat around there, deer and elk just hanging out in the streets and in people's yards.

The one thing I learned NOT to do in Colorado is eat at Mexican restaurants. We went to this place called The Grumpy Gringo. I picked it because I loved the name, of course. It sucked ass. Hubber's sister liked it okay - but she's a gringa herself, so she doesn't count. Hubber's been around my peeps long enough to be considered "one of us" - and he didn't like it much either. Or at least he said he didn't when I gave him the "I think this stuff is nasty as shit" look.

While in Estes Park, we did manage to drive by the Stanley Hotel. But our ghost tour was cancelled so we didn't get to do the fun stuff. It's a really gorgeous place. I was kinda disappointed that we didn't get to see any ghosts. Oh well, maybe you have to actually STAY there to get that little treat.

We also drove up to Pikes Peak which was pretty damn cool. We didn't speed up the damn thing, though, like they do in those 18-wheeler races we heard about.

Do you watch South Park? Assuming that you do, remember that episode where Cartman wants to have his birthday party at Casa Bonita and one of the kids he didn't invite wanted to go really bad and Cartman kept bragging about it? Ok, well, we went there. It's kinda like Ponchos, only better, with entertainment and such. The food sucked ass, of course, but we had a fun time watching the cliff divers, magic shows and playing games. J thought it was the best restaurant EVER. She would be wrong.

We also went here and here. Those places were awesome...except we did them both on the same day and when I woke up the next morning, I could barely walk. The Cave of the Winds is supposed to have some haunted caverns...but again, no ghosts were hanging out to scare the crap out of us. I guess it was just our luck. When you're looking for a ghost, there's never one to be found.

Ok, well that's pretty much the skinny on my Spring Break vacation. Stay tuned in July when I go to Disney World!