Almost every day I get a call on my cell phone from some long distance number. And every time I answer it, it beeps at a fax line. So, I figure someone's faxing the wrong number, right? So, I type up a little note asking them to please QUIT trying to fax my cell phone. I dial their number on my fax machine and slip the paper in. It rings. And someone ANSWERS the line! What the...?@!

So - I pick up the phone on our fax machine and say "hello." But they hang up on me.

Ahhhhh! I call back. Fax beep again. So, I figure it's a phone/fax line. Can you send a text message to one of those things? I tried, and it didn't work.

I tried faxing again, she answered the phone, but this time, I was ready for her! I picked up the phone and screamed, "quit faxing my cell phone, Beeeeyotch!!!!" Ok, I didn't say "beeeeeyotch," but I wanted to. This time she heard me. I told her that her phone/fax was ass-backwards and it called my cell phone and when I tried to fax, it called her phone instead of her fax line. She took my number down and apologized.

We'll see what happens tomorrow.