That was the strangest concert ever. I guess I just can't relate to those Enrique Iglesias fans. They dance around between the aisles...they sway their arms to and fro...they cry and scream and drive me absolutely nuts. And if that isn't bad enough, Enrique is such a sissy-girl-whiner, eh? And where's the damn mole?! That was going to be the highlight of our night! Mole. Moley, Moley, Mole! GuacaMOLe. You know, the whole Goldmember thing. That movie is funny as shit.

If that concert had lasted any longer than it did, I probably would have shot myself dead. But it was free...and we were at the I shouldn't be complaining - we had turkey legs, margaritas, sausage on a stick, funnel cake, fried twinkies (I think they had crack in them) and french fries. Enrique who?!

I think we had more fun people-watching than anything else. Tight pants, bellies hanging out, weird hats, big hair, cowboy boots... Fun Fun Fun! It was like Halloween - except funnier!

P.S. 2.5 days left until we leave for Colorado!