Face it, ladies...chivalry is dead.

The damn hippy feminist movement screwed everything up for us. Men don't buy dinner...they don't buy flowers...hell, they don't even open doors for us anymore! Sure, I believe in equal rights and equal pay and shit like that...and I consider myself to be pretty independent...but damn, it sure would be nice to feel the love once in awhile. Ladies, we need to start making it harder for men to get into the panties! Make them bend over backwards...lift heavy boxes...open doors...do car maintenance...pay for the pleasure of our fabulous company! Shit like that! I mean, what is up with the world these days?! THIS HOO-HA COMES WITH A PRICE, DANGIT!

I'm talking shit, but I find myself opening my own doors....opening my own jars...getting my oil changed in my car...buying car batteries and getting car brake checks. I find myself buying my own damn flowers...hoisting my own heavy boxes up and down stairs. There is something wrong with this picture. Now, if the men in my life were answering my phone for me...taking my messages...washing my clothes...buying my groceries...bathing my kids...scrubbing my toilet, etc. etc. then I wouldn't be complaining so much. I would be accepting this flip flop in expectations and moving on with my damn life. But, shit is NOT going down like that. Shit is all messed up. And men are lazy fucktards. And we're dumb ass bitches for letting them get away with it. We need to start a new movement...one involving men on their knees, groveling, ready to be at our beck and call. Yes. That's what we need.

I know we can't change them all overnight, though. But, we can start small...using Hubber.