Summer Vacation: Day 1

Location: Alabama/Florida State Line
Quote of the Day:  "Goodness gracious great balls of China!" - Lil J
Mood: Thankful

I'm very high tech, y'all.  I've got a wi-fi hotspot on my iphone... so at this very moment, I'm sitting in the car typing away on my laptop as Hubber cheaufers us to Florida. We're headed to spend a week in Disney World!  So far, the road trip has been nice and uneventful.... aside from the occassional demonic outbursts from the brattiest of all children, Lil J.  We stuck her in the 3rd row seat so that we could pretend we couldn't hear her from all the way up front.  It works fine when we have our headphones on.  Well, sorta. Between the adults and the devil child are two teenage girls.... they have hardly made a peep.  Mostly, they sleep, watch TV or listen to music; they're totally oblivious to the drama occurring behind them.

I have to admit, though... I couldn't be happier.  I've got my family around me.  We're on our way to a happiest place on earth, y'all!  I'm thankful.  I'm annoyed.  But, thankful, too.  Maybe I'm lightening up in my old age?