Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Fantasy Involves Football...

This year I’m playing Fantasy Football for the first time.  Draft day was an event in my house…. I taped my kids’ mouths up and made Hubber) sit next to me so that there would be more than my one-ounce of football brains involved in my picks. However, while Hubber was busy pointing and hollering about which players I need to add to my watch list (and warning me about bye weeks and whatnot)... I ended up with mostly boyfriends; like Chad Ochocinco (because he’s a dancer), Peyton Manning (because he’s so funny in those commercials) and Andre Johnson (because I gotta keep my homeboys in the mix).  And, just to balance things out a bit, I chose the Chicago Bears kicker who has a face only a mother could love.  That being said... I'm pretty confident that I have a winning team.

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