1 tequila... 2 tequila.... 3 tequila.... FLOOR!

Happy Cinco de Mayo, y'all!  Drink responsibly, people, or you might end up like this gal. Also... what in the world is she wearing?  Did she go back to 1988 and ransack Madonna's closet? White shirt, black bra.... bandana headband... black tights, ankle boots and a strange belt.  Oh, wait. That style is coming back, huh?  Scary.  And, although I hate talking smack about people's hair because I may jinx myself and have all my hair fall out.... what is up with the fried and bleached mop she's got going on there?  No wonder she drank herself into oblivion.  Poor thing.

Also... Happy Cinco de Mayo!  Or... "Pico de Gallo", as one of my friends says.... she likes to celebrate May 5th with some Mexican food and extra pico de gallo.  And... do you know what goes good with Mexican food?  Tequila! So, throw a few back today in honor of.... Mexican Independance from ...???  the Alamo?? (Damn, I hate history).