Before I took on this "social media marketing" project, I had no clue that there was more to social media than Facebook, Twitter and blogs.  Momma is learning lots of stuff these days... like affiliate networking; writing one press release 10 different ways ("say the exact same thing but make it different," says client); hubpages; and my new favorite thing ever... SQUIDOO.  The name alone won me over.  I'm easy that way.  But, the funny thing is... I don't really know what the heck to do with it... sure, I created a squidoo page, but now what??  There wasn't even a category remotely related to the business... or other similar crap that people are supposed to be "searching" for when they accidently stumble upon us.  And speaking of... I think stumbleupon is another thingy I need to get hip to.   My head hurts now. I'm having social media overload.  It was hard enough keeping up with two facebook pages and two blogs, but now we have squids and stumbles and hubs and tweets and who the hell knows what else.  I'm just one person, damnit!  Momma needs minions, y'all.