are they SOCIAL site lurkers or peeping toms?

Some call them lurkers, I call them Peeping Toms.  Whatever you call them, people who stalk others online are creepy.  I did one of those "see who's looking at your profile" things on Facebook today and the results were disconcerting. Are those things even accurate?  Don't answer that. I believe in them, just like I believe in my horoscope and the amazing clients I write for.  Anyway, as it turns out, all my best, good buddies don't give a rat's ass about me.  My number one peeper was a cousin of a friend's husband... my number two was my third grade teacher and my third was Arian Foster.  None of whom I have chatted with ONCE since friending them.  I went ahead and defriended the first two - just in case they have homicidal tendencies.  Mr. Foster can peep all he wants!  Who cares if he looks like he's posing for a mugshot in most of his pictures?!