what's the DEAL with the sudden influx of nautical stuff in the fashion industry?

According to Dolce & Gabbana, the martime/nautical trend in fashion went out when the 2009 fall seasonals came out.  Yes, I'm sure. I looked that crap up just now.  So, WTF is going on with all the anchors and stripes in all stores these days?  "French Chic" my fat ass! Did they not get the memo?  Who is in charge of this stuff?  I would like to pluck their eyes out with rusty garden shears.  Big gals like me can't pull off the horizontal stripes, so crap like this just pisses us off.  And, when a big gal gets pissed off everyone else gets pissed on.  That's just how it works. So, before I get all ghetto ass on the people at Old Navy, I'm going to go ahead and jet.  If you need me, I'll be out shopping at my favorite stores.... you know, the ones that don't sell sailor suits and miscellaneous horizontally striped and ridulously unflattering getups.