Happy Hump Day, Y'all!

Back in the day when I worked a 9-5 office job, I remember liking Wednesdays because it meant the worst of the week's bullshit was behind me and it was all downhill from there. Nowadays, though, everyday is like Wednesday....without the humps.  My days all seem to crash into each other.  Sometimes, my Friday is on everyone else's Monday because I anticipate the whole taking-youngest-spawn-to-school-and-getting-her-outta-my-hair thing that goes on Tuesday mornings.  Unless there's a staff meeting at the REAL office that day.  Then... it's like fate is playing a really cruel joke on me.... saying "HA! You only thought you were FREEE... but no, you're a prisoner for LIFE, Beeeyotch!"  Those are the times when the homicidal tendancies surface and all the idiots around me better get to running!  It's those times when I start counting down the days until all these writing gigs finally start  paying off and I can cash in and cash out!