Spring Break 2011 - Day 0

Mood:  Anxious
Outlook: Positive
GPS Coordinates: ?? (home)

Tomorrow, the spawns and I leave for Florida.  We're driving there.  I'm a little nervous about the 18 hour drive; I've never driven that far on my own before.  Lil J wants to load the car up with a bunch of useless crap.  J is only concerned with her phone and laptop.  Neither of them thought packing a toothbrush was important.  Nor did they think they had to actually PACK shit up for the trip.  So, here I am doing laundry and making lists so we don't forget anything.  It feels kinda weird doing laundry on a Saturday.... it's usually reserved for Sunday.  Some people go to church.  I do laundry.

Hubber is currently out getting Bubba (car) cleaned up and his oil changed and whatnot.  Before he left, he "cleaned the car out"...which entailed gathering up Lil J's crap (and my spare shoes and sweaters) and dumping them in a heap on my kitchen table:

So, now, not only am I packing, I'm also cleaning house. Muthafucker!  I just noticed there's nail polish on the table. WTF was nail polish doing in my car?