Spring Break 2011 - Day 3

Mood:  Mentally Drained
Outlook: Hopeful
GPS Coordinates: Still in BFE
Toddler Quote of the Day: "Am I supposed to say 'excuse me' after I fart?"

Given the fact that visiting Grandma's house was sucking the big one, we decided we needed to check out a little earlier than planned.  So...instead of leaving BFE on Day 5, we decided to get the fuck outta here on day 4....that's tomorrow.... and it can't come any sooner.  I don't even want to recap the events of the day... instead, I'm looking forward to tomorrow around 4pm.  This is when the girls and I will arrive in Destin, FL to lounge on the beach for two days.  I've got an umbrella and a cocktail calling my name... I can hear it all the way over here in BFE.  Move outta my way, fellow driving bitches.... I gotsta get my drink on!