Spring Break 2011 - Day 1

Mood: Tired
Outlook:  Can't think further than the comfy bed calling my name
GPS Coordinates: 30 degrees N 28'52", 84 degrees W 18'6"

Toddler Quote of the Day:  "It wasn't MEEEE that farted, it was my baby doll...she has lots of gas from eating too much sugar!"

Not sure how DRIVING makes a person tired, but I am pooped.  My ass has been asleep for hours though, so that heifer is ready to party.  Too bad, fat ass.. we're gonna tap out this blog posting then hit the sack. 

Today's drive wasn't so bad. We made it 700 miles in 11 hours!  The spawns of my loins were soooo good on the ride, too... no fighting, no hair pulling, no pit poking.  It was fantabulous.  I was even able to wrap my day in a bow with a fruity, adult beverage.

But now, it's time to pass out.  Hasta manana....