6 Weeks

Well, it's just around the corner now, and I'm not ready. I'm not ready for Thanksgiving because that means Christmas comes next, then New Year's...which means another year bites the dust. Where the heck does time go? I remember when I was in grade school and 6 weeks seemed like an eternity! Now, when Juli's dentist says, "See you in 6 weeks." I think, damn, that's too soon! What can possibly happen with her teeth in 6 weeks?!

Remember in school when the grading period lasted 6 weeks? It was like, F - D - D - oops, I better start getting some A's and B's before the 6 weeks is up. 6 weeks back then was a long time. Now, when I'm putting my magazine together and I hit the 6-weeks-before-sending-to-the-publisher point, I freak out! I scramble for writers, I scramble for pictures, and time just seems to get away from me.

Fun, Fun, Fun!

You know what's fun? Tormenting my child by dragging her along on Christmas shopping ventures! Saying, "Put it on your list!" every time she asks for something or, "Maybe Santa will get that for you." It's so cool not to have to say, "Are you nuts? We can't afford that crap!" Instead, when she doesn't get something she wants, we can blame it on good ol' Santa! A few days ago J told us that Santa usually only gets her 2 or 3 things off of her list - that he gets her mostly stuff she didn't ask for. That damn Santa!