Being a Parent

Yesterday J spent the night with my mom. Which was great because it gave me and Hubber a chance to do a little Christmas shopping without her. He said he felt like we should have been DOING something special...something we can't do when she's with us. I'm assuming he meant we should have stayed home, loafing around the house naked and humping like bunnies. To him, that's special. To me, special would mean that we should have gone out to dinner and and a movie...or shoe shopping. Now, that's special!

Anyway, we went Christmas shopping, to my favorite Vietnamese take-out place, then home. And that's when I started missing my baby. It's funny how parents wish they could just ship their children to China when the kids are home - but the minute they leave, it's all boo-hoo-I-miss-my-baby-I-better-call-and-make-sure-she's-alright kind of crap. Jeez. Who'da thunk being a parent was actually a rewarding, emotional experience?

Bridesmaids Dress Consultant

Today a friend of mine asked if I could help out with her wedding by helping her choose bridesmaids dresses. I'm flattered that she thinks my keen eye for style is beyond compare. But, I wonder if she's just palming something on me that her maid of honor should actually be helping her with? I mean, I'm not even IN the wedding. I don't know, maybe I'm thinking about it too much. I should just help her because I love her and I want her to have a great wedding. But, then, if I help her and find some gorgeous dresses for these gals, what would all the guests have to gossip about? Bridesmaids dresses are supposed to be god-awful and unflattering, which in turn makes the bride look that much more beautiful. But if I'm in charge of finding the right dresses, those gals might just steal the show. I've given this way to much thought, haven't I? I'll stop now.