I'm starting a blog. I'm hoping this will be a place where I can let my my hair down - a place where I can go to ponder life's obstacles - a place where all is right with the world. Or maybe, it'll just be me ranting and raving and writing petty things about freakish people. Either way, it's all good.

I guess I'll tell ya'll a bit about myself - you know, get all the facts out of the way before I go off on tangents. I live in Houston, TX. I am a mixed-race (white/hispanic) result of a hippie love affair. Ok, so my parents actually married - but they divorced before I was 2. Anyway - fast forward a couple of decades and I become a single mother. Then six years later, I get married to the hottest, sexiest, funniest, most perfect man in the world! So, now my daughter is 7 and I've been married to Mr. Right (aka Hubber) for a little over a year. Count the cat, and we're one big happy family! And for the record, we have no plans to add to the family. None. Zip. So, don't ask.

Speaking of more kids, yesterday when I went to pick up our Vietnamese take-out, the lady ringing me up said, "How many kids you got?" "Just one," I told her, pointing to J. Then she proceeded to tell me that she had her second child when her first child was 7 years old, and that I should consider having another child, too. She said it was the best thing to ever happen to her. Ok. First of all, how freaky is it that her kid was 7 when she had a second child?! Second of all, shyeah right! No psychic Chineese take-out lady is going to convince me that I should have another kid!