These boots are made for walking...

I wore my new boots (AKA: Ass-Jackers) for the first time today. And, although they look fucking fabulous and give my legs just the right incline to jack my ass up nicely, creating an optical illusion that says, "hey, this biznitch has a perfect toosh," they make my ankles hurt like a mofo. And they're tight, thus constricting the blood flow to my toes. So, I'm not sure if the numbness I'm feeling down there is due to the cold-ass weather or to my tight boots. Which, have I mentioned, are in totally HOT? And spicy. I think I can deal with the lack of comfort, though, because it's only temporary. I need to wear them often to stretch them out and mold them to my legs. Ya know? It's like I tell J all the time, beauty = pain. And that ain't no lie. It takes a lot of hard, painful work to look this good! Tweezing, squeezing, trimming, poking, shaving...none of that shit is pretty. But, the end result is worth the pain. Usually. Unless you shave in anticipation for a hot night out on the town but instead end up doubled over in pain due to "something you ate" earlier. That shit sucks. And it totally isn't worth shaving for. Or even plucking, for that matter. In which case, I recommend that a gal NOT eat anything at least 4 hours prior to going out and rockin' the fab shoes and freshly tweezed brows. Not only does fasting pretty much guarantee you'll look your best, but it also allows the adult beverages to travel through the blood system exponentially faster than they would had you eaten....thus making you feel like you look waaay hotter than you did when you left the house...thus making you think EVERYONE thinks you're waaaay hot....thus making the purchase of your ass-jackers well worth every penny spent on them.

See how we went full circle there?

ooooh hellz yeeeah!