Ridiculous Shit I Write About for Money

There is no shortage of website content writing projects available out there these days.  What with all the "search engine optimization" and blogging, I've got clients coming out the yin-yang.  The only issue I usually have is related to the subject matter.  You never know what kind of nonsense you're going to run into in this business.

Sometimes I write for doctors...which requires lots of research and fact-checking.... because, in case y'all haven't noticed, I am not a doctor.  I will say, though, that doctors suck at writing.  And, spelling. OMG.  I thought I sucked at spelling. How the hell did these people make it through all those years of schooling without knowing how to spell or put a proper sentence together?  And to think they're the ones cutting people open and fiddling with their brains and spinal cords.  Scary. 

Sometimes I write for marketing firms....which doesn't require as much research, but usually involves really stupid content... like organic fabrics, male "enhancement" products, gocarts, plastic surgery, potato peelers, dog breath and goat milking.  Oh, and weight loss programs.  That shit is the worst because it makes me want to try all the ridiculous diets.  But, of course I don't; which makes me feel extra fat and hopelessly lazy. So writing about weight loss ain't fun.

Sometimes I write product reviews.  Yep.  For products I have never purchased or tried.  Ever wonder who the hell takes time to review products online?  Have YOU ever reviewed a product?  No one does it.. y'all... unless: 1. the product sucks and the consumer is pissed and wants the entire world to know about it... or 2. someone PAYS for the review. People in the Phillipines will write a 150-word review in jacked-up English for less than $1 for someone desperate enough to pay for cheap, incorrect shit.  For awhile, I wondered how these Filipinos could afford to work so cheap... turns out one dollar in their country is like $50 to us, apparently. That's some sad shit. So... whenever I can, I like to throw bones their way.  I'll take a job that pays $20/hr... subcontract it to them for $2 (which is like $100, y'all!) then I edit the shit out of it and call it mine.  It's a win-win situation.... and I feel good about helping the Filipino economy.  I'm like that Tom guy who buys shoes for shoeless African kids!  Except cuter.