Why the fuck am I working today?

The mail ain't running today... the kids are off of school... the bank is closed... and everyone's trash will be stinking to high heaven at the curb until tomorrow.  All because it's Columbus Day. Big fucking deal!  We don't celebrate this "holiday" in my house because Columbus could not have actually DISCOVERED a place that had already been discovered.  HELLO? THERE WERE ALREADY PEOPLE HERE!  It's one of the dumbest national holidays.... right up there with MLK day. Don't get me started, people.

So, anyway... here I am working and wondering what the fuck is wrong with me.  I should be plastered in front of the TV like my kids are... or snuggled under the covers in bed with a trashy novel.  Or, better yet, I should observe "Columbus Day" in the proper, most common-sensical way by barging into someone else's house and claiming it as my own.  Where can I find some vials of small pox?

But, sadly, I'm not doing any of that fun stuff.  I'm working.  I've got deadlines to meet today; shit to write and asses to chew on.  I'm sure that halfway through the day, I'll decide I've had enough bullshit and pour myself an adult beverage and chillax a little.  And, when 3:00pm rolls around and I decide to go out and check the mail because I've forgotten it's a damn holiday, I'll be pissed off all over again because my Netflix delivery won't be there.  Christopher Columbus was an asshole.